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Royal started over 100 years ago by supplying automotive, farm and oil field lubricants in and around Tulsa, Oklahoma. Royal now supplies a full line of extended duty high-performance oils and greases, worldwide, that have proven their ability to outperform most lubricants available for mining, construction and industrial equipment. This includes a full line of synthetic oils and greases, food grade lubricants as well as biodegradable lubricants.

Supplying a comprehensive line of lubricating oils and greases to all of the USA and 24 other countries throughout the world, Royal offers the ultimate in high-quality heavy equipment protection.

Royal Agricultural Lubricant Guide 2020

Each season, a farmer’s operation relies on a variety of equipment to work efficiently without fail. Royal’s lubes and greases are designed to increase reliability, reduce downtime, enhance performance and increase the life span of components. Royal has a superior line of oils and greases to meet the needs of all your agricultural applications.

Royal Mining Lubricant Guide

In today’s mining environment, ever-increasing production demands placed on electric rope shovels, walking draglines, hydraulic excavators mobile and process equipment require specialized, high performance lubricants. Royal’s high performance, severe-duty lubricants are critical in the daily efforts to combat wear, maximize uptime and minimize lubricant related operating costs.

Royal’s high-performance lubricants are engineered to provide maximum equipment protection in extreme conditions of temperature, high loads and shock loads. Royal’s lubricants provide maximum protection against the effects of contamination including air borne dirt and dust, water, snow and ice.

Steel Mill Lubricants Guide

In today’s metal industry, productivity demands require specialized lubricants to help equipment operate more smoothly in harsh environments, including high temperatures, wet conditions and withstand heavy loads. Royal’s superior lubricants will increase productivity, reduce downtime and labor costs, while protecting all moving parts.

Sugar Cane Lubricant Guide

Unlike other industries, processing of sugar cane involves severe operating conditions and poses some unique challenges for lubrication engineers. Sugar crushers are the heart of any mill and the journal roller bearing is responsible for the mill running smoothly. These Journal roller bearings are comparatively large in size and run under severe heavy shock and vibration loads. When this type of equipment comes in contact with cane sugar and cane juice, it creates an even more severe and challenging environment to combat rust and corrosion. Historically, many asphaltic, chlorinated compound based solvents and other unsafe lubricants have been used — which are not recommended for health and environmental reasons, nor do they provide the protections needed to combat corrosion. Royal’s expert research and development team has engineered competitive and environmentally safe lubricants for every application in a sugar mill, providing longer service life and reducing operating costs.

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Royal Agricultural Lubricant Guide 2020

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