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Babbitt A soft, white, non-ferrous alloy bearing material composed principally of copper, antimony, tin and lead.

Ball Bearing An antifriction bearing comprising rolling elements in the form of balls.

Base Stock A fully refined lube oil, which is a component of lubricant formulations.

Bearing A support or guide by means of which a moving part such as a shaft or axle is positioned with respect to the other parts of a mechanism.

Bleeding The tendency of a liquid component to separate from a solid or semi-solid mixture as an oil from a grease.

Block Grease Generally, a grease of high soap content, which, under normal temperatures is firm to the touch and can be handled in block or stick form.

Bloom A sheen or fluorescence evident in some petroleum oils when viewed by reflected light.

Boundary Lubrication A condition of lubrication in which the bulk viscosity characteristics of the lubricant do not apply or in which partial contact takes place between the mating surfaces.

Also refers to a thin film, imperfect, or non-viscous lubrication.

Bright Stock A term referring to high viscosity lubricating oils which have been refined to make them clear products of good color.

By-Pass Filtration A system of filtration in which only a portion of the total flow of a circulating fluid system passes through a filter or in which a filter, having its own circulating pump, operates in parallel to the main flow.

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