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Dr Paul Salter


Royal’s Technical team is comprised of talented and experienced scientists who not only strive to enhance Royal’s portfolio of products to keep up with industry and customer requirements and demands, but also oversee the Quality Control processes for manufactured products.


Committed to Quality

Testing Capabilities

The team utilizes an extensive range of test equipment to ensure the highest standard of quality. Testing capabilities include, but not limited to: Metals analysis by ICP (ASTM D5185), Cold Cranking Simulation (ASTM D5293), 4-Ball Weld (ASTM D2596) and Roll Stability (ASTM D1831) – A full list of testing capabilities for both fluids and greases can be requested.

Areas of focus for the technical R&D team include:

  • Environmentally friendly/Biodegradable lubricants and greases
  • Synthetic Lubricants and Greases
  • Food Grade lubricants and Greases
  • Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEOs)


State of the art testing

Testing & Evaluation

The research and development laboratory has played a crucial role in developing a wide range of lubricants and greases for various applications ranging from engine oils and gear oils to Calcium Sulfonate and Aluminum Complex greases.

The department works closely with customers and suppliers diligently perfecting
formulations and gathering data, which has proved instrumental in culminating numerous OEM approvals and other Industry related approvals and registrations.


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