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Tulsa Plant
516 S. 25th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74127 USA
918.584.2671 918.592.6472
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Schertz Plant
(San Antonio Metro)
9998 Doerr Lane
Schertz, TX 78154 USA
210.651.7322 210.651.7405
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Jackie Cure

Northwest Distributors Inc.

Northwest Distributors has been doing business with Royal Mfg for 5 years now. At the time, I was an Admin assistant, but was involved in ordering product and receiving product. I don't ever recall having any issues with billing discrepancies and maybe once or twice in all delivery's have there been any freight delivery issues; which were immediately handled by customer service!! Usually from the time we placed orders to delivery is within a week or two. I can always call into customer service at any time and get a status update. The customer service people are always professional and friendly and make sure I get an answer to my questions. We stock a variety of products in this line - greases, diesel oil, low ash natural gas, gear lubes, tractor hydraulic fluids, and many others. I especially like the variety of greases available. Many of these gr3ease are not available to us in other product lines. Some of our best movers are Crown Royal Moly, Royal 98, and Royal 760 EP. Royal's technical knowledge are very helpful as well. I can find SDS/PDS available on their website, but i can also get answers about products or recommendations from Sales right away. Shortly after i place an order, my sales rep, Kevin King, will call me to make sure my needs are met and check to see if i have any additional concerns to take care of customers. I can call or email Kevin at any time and get a reply very quickly. I strongly feel that the people and products at Royal Manufacturing are terrific! Representatives form the company are always traveling to ensure customers and potential customers are always taken care. My reps stop in at least every couple months, if not monthly, to show us new product, ask about issues or concerns we have, and just to say HI we are here when you need us!

Steve Fryar

PF&E Oil Company

We have been an ADC for Royal Manufacturing / Wright Oil Company over 7 years. The expertise of producing the highest quality lubricants and greases coupled with great pricing enables us to be extremely competitive in a very tough market. The vast majority of our customers have changed from Delo, Shell, Castrol, etc. and are now Wright Oil users. Some changed due to pricing alone while others recognize the superior additive package in the Wright Oil. We use Wright Oil and grease exclusively in our company fleet of trucks and my personal vehicles.

Art Sanchez

Corpus Christi Truck Stop

The Corpus Christi Truck Stop has been selling the products listed below for 3 years. • Royal Diesel Supreme Ultra CJ-4 • Royal Ultra 865 Marine Grease • Royal Rozep AW 68 • Royal Multi-gear Oil 80W-90 We offer a variety of oils for sale. Quite a few of our truckers prefer Royal Oil over Shell Rotella T and Chevron Delo 400.

Bryan Smith

Whayne Supply Company

Interesting you ask about our experience with Calcium Sulfonate grease. As the Cat dealer in the coal mining area of Appalachia, we have been supplying bulk calcium sulfonate grease to our customers for over ten years now. The first bulk customer we had did it at first because he reduced his grease consumption by 24% as measured and reported by him. Then Cat offered better warranty terms on large loader pins. IF a customer used calcium sulfonate grease on a 992 with an auto lube system, Cat would warranty the pins for 10,000 hours. We did not have one warranty claim from those customers using the calcium sulfonate greases in the ten years the program was ongoing. Most recently, we had a large mining customer with a Komatsu PC5500 shovel. He was having to replace the pins in the large excavator once to twice a year. July of 2013 will be the third year he has been using our grease and is yet to have a failure of a pin on either of his PC 5500 shovels. Calcium Sulfonate greases offer some of the best value out there for a mining or construction operator. When you ask a Cat dealer what grease you should use for “Extreme Service”, they will tell you either a synthetic grease or calcium sulfonate grease. The calcium sulfonate offers the best value without a doubt. If you have anyone that is doubtful on calcium sulfonate greases, have them contact me and I can tell them more.

Charlie A. Lile

True Transport, Inc.

True Transport has used the products listed below for over 5 years. • Royal Diesel Supreme 15w-40 Ultra CJ-4 • Royal Ultra 865 Marine Grease • Royal Diesel Supreme Plus-SAE 40w We are very satisfied with these products and their consistent performance in our 18 wheelers. The Royal Ultra 865 Grease has real staying power with its great lubrication and anti-corrosion properties that we need in the Gulf Coast region. Also, after switching to Royal Oil from Shell Rotella T, our consumption dropped considerably. We also appreciate the good service we receive from Kapalua Fuel and Marine out of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Larry Johnson

The Vassar Company

We have been using 502 Soluble Oil for all of our cuttin, machining, and pressure drilling applications for several years. We like it because it works and we can use one product for all of our cutting oil needs. We are in the process of expanding our manufacturing facility by 22,000 square feet, and Troco's 502 Soluble Oil will continue to be an invaluable part of our future.

Fred Saenz

Saenz Transport Services, LLC

Thank you for your help in getting some information sent over to Mr. Rocamontes at Leo’s Truck service. He was extremely pleased with the way the rod and main bearings came out on my truck after 1,012,000 miles on it. I told him I had been using the same oil since I bought the truck in 2007 with 350,000 miles. This is my third truck that I have driven over a million miles running the same oil with no break downs due to poor lubrication. I have been using the 20W/50 diesel super supreme plus for the last 14 years as well as the 10W/40 blend for my personal vehicles and am extremely pleased. I have recommended it to all my trade friends and have successfully converted them to the Royal Manufacturing brands.

Jon Harshman

City of Schertz / Public Works

I would like to take the time to personally thank the team at Royal MFG / Wright Oil for helping us with our switch to synthetic oils and extended service drain intervals. This has been instrumental in many ways by helping us improve the efficiency of our operation and reducing our overall cost of maintenance. They have also been involved with oil sample testing on our fleet to ensure reliability and sustainability was delivered. Thanks again!

Serenity Allen

Derrick Construction Co.

Derrick Construction has used Royal Oil products listed below for over 6 years in our Vessels-Tugs-Barges-Cranes-Fork Lifts-Trucks-Specialized Equipment - Royal 15w 40 Diesel Supreme Ultra CJ-4 - Royal Diesel Supreme Plus-Mono grade SAE 40 - Royal Rozep Hydraulic EP AW ISO 68 - Royal Enviroguard AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 46 - Royal Enviroguard AW Hydraulic Oil ISO 68 - Royal HD Multi-Purpose (gear oil) SAE 90 - Royal Ultra 865 Marine Grease We are very satisfied with these products and their performance and success. We also appreciate the great service we receive from Kapalua Fuel and Marine Inc. Corpus Christi ,Texas

Mike Parkey

City of Portales, New Mexico

When I was asked to to give you a testimonial about ROYAL, I was very excited to do so and here is why. We have used Super Select 10W40 in all of our 55 units for the past 10 years. Of these 55 units, 20 or so are police cars. Ever since we have been on ROYAL SS 10W40 we have never lost an engine due to oil failure, and as you know, that is a very important unit to keep on the street. We also have many of our Heavy EDP using the Rozep 46, and Rozep 68, for all of our hydraulic needs. We have had great success with all of the products that we have used in the ROYAL line. All of our garbage trucks use the ROYAL hydraulic fluids, and Diesel Supreme Premium Plus 15W40, and also no engine failure in any of these units. I would recommend everyone to use ROYAL because it works.

Bruce Ingram

Ingram Readymix Inc.

We maintain an entire fleet of over 400 vehicles, including over 300 concrete trucks. We started using Royals CT-70 RELEASE AGENT several years ago. This product is the best we have ever used in making it very economical to keep the concrete off of our trucks. We estimate it saves us about $200 in labor - every time we do not have to chip concrete off of a truck. Just a once a day CT-70 spray, and our trucks come clean at the end of the day with a water wash. We also successfully use your engine and hydraulic fluids, synthetic gear oils, and greases.

James Sloan

TRI-CO Auto Parts

We maintain the school bus fleet for the Canton School District. We keep up with the latest lubricant specifications and we keep using Royal Manufacturing products. We really like the Troco products you provide us because we can be confident in getting the best for the kids in getting to school and home. Your 15W40 is great because we get longer times between drains, and I think the higher oil thickness helps with the long idle times the busses experience in the winter time. I would recommend your products to any bus barn in America. I use Troco in my own car!

Mark Martinez

MTE/NAPA Auto Parts Store

I have been doing business with Terry and Royal Mfg. for approximately five years. Royal’s industrial products surpass the competition in both quality and availability. If you have a market for food grade lubricants, drilling lubricants, railroad lubricants or anything in-between Royal has it. Terry is the guru of lubricants, his knowledge is unsurpassed. I have a commercial account whose plant uses a wide variety of lubes. Whenever they upgrade they will call me with lube specs and Terry nails it every time. Royal Mfg and Terry Davis complement my business in a very big way. Mark Martinez MTE Inc NAPA Auto Parts Store 575-289-3223

Mark W.

Harvey Fuels

I have been selling and using Royal Mfg. products since July 2007. I use it in my pickup cars and boats. I have seen the Royal DG-100 Citrus De greaser work very well. Nick with AFS Services was very pleased with the product. Jimmy Snow with Sweatt Construction has been using Royal Mfg products since April 2012, He likes many of the products and he uses the oil analysis program. With his choice of lab the results have always been good. Jeff Harvey with Harvey Construction and Harvey Trucking have been using the products since March 2012. He has also been pleased with the Royal Products. He even bought our company in August of 2014 to sell more of them. Mark W. Harvey Fuels Artesia, New Mexico

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