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Fluid Type Greases Preferred Choice for Open Gear Lubrication

Open gear lubricants could be either heavy duty gear oils or fluid type greases. As large slow moving open gears encounter very heavy load, it is preferred to use fluid type non-asphaltic solid lubricants fortified greases over gear oils.

Lubrication can either be achieved by lubricating oils or greases. Conventionally, gears are oil lubricated and controlled by AGMA specifications.  However, large open gear drive operates little differently than closed or small gear boxes. These large open gear drives operate at very slow speed as low as 1 rpm and very heavy loads and sometime even under boundary lubrication regimes. Unfortunately this application is different than other gear drives and often cant be suitably lubricated by even heavy duty gear oils. Fluid type lubricating greases fortified with solid lubricants provide a more adequate lubrication than  asphaltic or residual type gear lubes.

Royal Ultimate 1000 and Royal Ultimate 2500 are the proven answer for such applications.



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