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November 30, 2016

Royal Announces New CK-4 15W40/10W30

Tulsa, OK - Diesel Engine Oil OEM’s have announced for the first time, two new diesel engine oil specifications for 2017 engines starting December 1, 2016. CK-4 will replace CJ-4 specifications and will be fully backwards compatible for all current diesel vehicles. The main upgrades on CK-4 oils are improved oxidation resistance, shear stability and aeration control, and a minimum high temperature, high shear viscosity (HTHS) of 3.5 cP. CK-4 Oils will be offered in SAE 10W30 and 15W40 viscosity grades and will be available in mineral, semi-synthetic and full synthetic formulations.

FA-4 is a brand new engine oil specification category that will have all the benefits of CK-4 formulations, except will be formulated to have a lower high temperature/high shear rate (HTHS) of 2.9-3.2 cP, which is known to provide better fuel economy when compared to higher HTHS viscosities. This new specification designed for next generation diesel engines is to help maximize fuel economy without sacrificing engine performance. This oil is NOT backwards compatible and will be offered starting January, 1 2017 in SAE 10W30 viscosity grade, in both semi-synthetic and full synthetic formulations.

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