Coatings ensure replica watches are resistant to scratches and chemicals

Replica Watch lovers who wear a high-level replica watch like a Rolex on their arm, agree with it in a very concrete way of focusing life. That is why these time tools are made more and more tailored. Thanks to a new method of finishing Blaken you now have the opportunity to decorate your wrist with a very special replica watch.

To achieve beauty, elegance and endurance, Blaken has developed the so-called Diamond-Like-Carbon-Coating, abbreviated DLC. With a thickness of one to two micrometers, the coating is eight times harder than stainless steel.

An ideal protective layer for luxury segment replica watches, whether for diving, sailing or mountaineering.

The coating ensures that the fake watch is not only virtually scratch-proof and resistant to chemicals, but also has high biocompatibility. The aesthetic component should not be ignored either. During the manufacture the replica watches receives a black tone that gives it an additional elegance. The range of colors ranges from deep black to noble anthracite. From satin finish to gloss.

DLC coating combines style and durability.

For fake Rolex lovers, BLAKEN also offers its own collection of black replica watches.

At the same time they can satisfy your personal desires during manufacturing. With the engraving on the back of the box, or on the hands, of the initials, an emblem or a logo on the dial.

The finish and customization is not limited to replica Rolex watches. The finishing process is applicable to all stainless steel and titanium models. So in the end every watch lover gets an original one made especially for him, which is not like any other.