Replica watches-Leather straps are not as durable as metal straps

Also in the clocks does the passage of time dent. Like cars, watches must also be serviced regularly. So to enjoy more of your precious watches, as much as possible, we give you some useful tips for your care:

Protect your replica watch from strong shocks or impacts (even the golf swing can cause distortions in your balance). Keep your watch away from dusty areas (box or showcase). Protect valuable watches in the safe. Keep your replica watch away from magnetic fields. Magnetized watches will affect their accuracy. Magnetic fields can be produced, for example, by refrigerators or speakers. Protect your replica watches against thermal shocks. Too much heat and prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the clock. In the sauna there is no place for a clock. The lubricating oils could be liquefied by the high heat and then could condense.

Seawater harms your watch. The joints and stainless steel are affected by salt water. In case of contact with salt water it is essential to rinse it with clean water.

When a quartz watch stops working make sure the battery is changed as soon as possible. The batteries may leak and damage the mechanism with its acid.

Take special care with complicated mechanical watches without date correction between 22 and 2 hours, so that there is no mechanical conflict that can cause damage to its operation and movement. Set the date normally only forward.

The tightness of the watch should be checked as often as possible, preferably once a year. Even a strong blow to the crown, changes in temperature or dust can cause damage to the seals of the seals.

Clean your replica watch from time to time with a soft cloth or a dry toothbrush and remove dirt between the joints. Water resistant clocks (> 3 bar) can be washed with running water. Remove the leather strap before starting, if necessary. The leather strap should not come in contact with water. Cleaning agents can cause damage and color changes. Metal straps and fake watches boxes can be polished with a cotton cloth. Minor scratches on the glass can be polished with a specific replica watch compound. If the glass breaks from the inside, take it to the watchmaker. A replica watch should be opened only by an expert technician.

Leather straps are less durable than metal straps. Daily moisture absorption while using the replica watches causes the strap to lose stability quickly and can tear. The shelf life is approximately one year.

With mechanical watches a revision must be carried out, that is, a professional cleaning of the movement mechanism, every three or five years. The replica watch is out of adjustment and must be cleaned and lubricated with a chemical to adjust it to the proper speed. Even in the case of quartz watches, the reasonable thing is a professional cleaning every five or seven years.

If you follow these simple tips for your care and have your watches kept regularly by a professional, then you will enjoy your replica watches for much longer.