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Tulsa Plant
516 S. 25th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74127 USA
918.584.2671 918.592.6472
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Schertz Plant
(San Antonio Metro)
9998 Doerr Lane
Schertz, TX 78154 USA
210.651.7322 210.651.7405
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Our History

Founded in 1914 on the Midland Valley Railroad in Sperry, OK, TROCO – Tulsa Refined Oil CO. has been blending high performance lubricants in the United States for nearly 100 years.

The Mallory family’s involvement with Royal Manufacturing began in the Depression years. “In the late 1930s, my mother Lee started working for Royal Manufacturing, which at the time was a small specialty grease company serving the oil fields,” related Bill Mallory. "They needed day laborers, so she went home at lunch and brought Dad back to work. Later, the company’s owners went to serve during World War II, and the banks took over the company. Soon, my dad Dick Mallory was running it, and then he bought it from the banks." Like his son, the senior Mallory had a passion for expansion, and in 1954 they bought the remnants of (TROCO), a lubricants compounder in business since 1914, and merged its operations into Royal’s.

"Every year, we saw growth," Mallory Jr. went on, “and in 1976 we acquired Wright Oil down in San Antonio. Wright supplied the same “outside” businesses that were Royal’s stronghold — off-highway, heavy equipment and farming. Bill Mallory Jr., was able to build its volume by diversifying into new markets, such as railroad engine oil.

In 1983 fire destroyed the Troco plant in Tulsa. Tulsa rebuilt and rebounded, and has seen two expansions since; Wright Oil also has grown, moving into a new plant in 2007 with 10 million gallons of annual capacity.

Another diversification came in 1998, when Royal Manufacturing began selling base oil into Mexico and the Caribbean. By 2000, business had increased enough to build tanks in Brownsville. Royal has added another 30,000-barrel tank last year. Subsidiary RTW Terminal in Brownsville, Texas, now has 36 tanks with 200,000 barrels of space, and truck, railcar and barge-loading capabilities.

June of 2009 welcomed the opening of a new lubricating grease plant at Royal Manufacturing’s subsidiary north of San Antonio. In addition to making mainstream products like lithium complex greases, Wright Oil Co. will produce specialties such as polyurea, calcium sulfonate and aluminum complex greases, and bio-based, synthetic and food grade varieties.

(Written by Lisa Tocci, Full Throttle at Royal Manufacturing, featured in Lubes n’ Greases Magazine, June 2009.)

"Royal 760 was developed in 1976 and had special advantages for antiwear and extreme pressure that exceeded other Lithium greases at this time and still is a leader in Lithium high performance greases in the industry.

When we developed the current Lith Complex line of greases our sales and marketing manager realized we had a powerful new grease.  He said when he was growing up the Oldsmobile 98 reflected power and speed in the automotive industry and he felt our newly developed grease should be named "98" because it had the top position in our grease family and the grease industry and perceived as a powerful and long life grease.

Royal 876 was develop developed in 1987 as a series of six heavy duty greases for the construction and mining industry where extreme operating conditions are encountered.  This is another long life grease that can withstand the severe conditions and 24/7 operation encountered in the construction and mining industry.
The 876 series of greases has now been expanded to include current specifications for Caterpillar, Komatsu and other heavy equipment manufacturers.  Royal 876 has now expanded throughout our worldwide customer base as a premier lithium grease for construction and mining grease applications.

Royal began development work in 1986 for our interpretation of an improved way to develop a line of calcium sulphonate complex greases.  
Royal wanted to develop a Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease that would exceed the performance criteria of the now seasoned Lithium Complex greases and at the same time would also improve on the CSC greases that were presently developed and marketed.  CSC greases exhibited excellent rust and corrosion properties, good load bearing protection and higher temperature application but had difficulty in colder climates
Our goal was to bring to market a highly improved CSC grease that (1) have improved features over Lithium Complex greases,  (2) maintain all good features of current CSC greases,  (3) offer improved versatility in cold climate operation, (4) extend the lubricating life in sea water application and other water related areas and (5) be a superior “food grade” grease with heavy duty grease features.   
Thru Royal’s development process and new development techniques we were successful in accomplishing all five or our desired goals.  The 865 series of CSC greases began to form.  So, starting in 1986 with 5 goals  (865) of improvement to accomplish Royal developed the leading CSC greases offered to the market today.
Royal has become a market leader for modern CSC greases.  Royal  now has a Heavy Duty main line H-1 Food Grade grease with Kosher and Halal approvals.  Now all grease users will have the opportunity to obtain and use a truly heavy duty multipurpose CSC grease for their needs. 

**By Bill Mallory Jr.

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