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Tulsa Plant
516 S. 25th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74127 USA
918.584.2671 918.592.6472
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Schertz Plant
(San Antonio Metro)
9998 Doerr Lane
Schertz, TX 78154 USA
210.651.7322 210.651.7405
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- F -

Fatty Acid An organic acid of aliphatic structure originally derived from fats and fatty oils.

Filler Any solid substance such as talc, mica, or various powders, etc., which is added to a grease to increase its weight or consistency.

Filter Any device or porous substance used as a strainer for cleaning fluids by removing suspended matter.

Fire Point (Cleveland Open Cup) The flash point of an oil is the temperature to which it must be heated to give off sufficient vapor to form momentarily a flammable mixture with air when a small flame is applied under specified conditions.

Foam A froth produced by whipping air into a lubricant.

Force Feed Lubrication A system of lubrication in which the lubricant is supplied to the bearing surface under pressure.

Form Oil A compound or an oil used to lubricate wooden or metal concrete forms in order to keep cement from sticking to them.

Fretting Corrosion A process of mechanical attrition combined with chemical reaction taking place at the common boundary of loaded contact surfaces having small oscillatory relative motion.

Friction The resisting force encountered at the common boundary between two bodies when, under the action of an external force, one body moves or tends to move over the surface of the other.

Full Flow Filtration – A system of filtration in which the total flow of a circulating fluid system passes through a filter.

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