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Tulsa Plant
516 S. 25th West Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74127 USA
918.584.2671 918.592.6472
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Schertz Plant
(San Antonio Metro)
9998 Doerr Lane
Schertz, TX 78154 USA
210.651.7322 210.651.7405
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Carbon Residue The residue remaining after the evaporation of a sample of mineral oil under specified conditions, i.e., Ramsbottom and Conradson.

Centipoise (cP.) A unit of absolute viscosity. 1 centipoise = 0.1 poise.

Centistoke (cSt.) A standard unit of kinematic viscosity = 0.10 stoke

Cetane Number A number that expresses the ignition quality fo diesel fuel and equal to the percentage by volume of cetane (C16H34) in a blend with methyl naphthalene, which blend has the same ignition performance to the test fuel.

Channel Point Lowest safe temperature that a gear lubricant can be used.

Circulating Lubrication A system of lubrication in which the lubricant, after having passed through a bearing or group of bearings, is re-circulated by means of a pump.

Cleveland Open Cup See Flash Point, Fire Point

Coefficient of Friction The ratio of the friction force between two bodies to the normal, or perpendicular, force between them.

Compounded Oil – A petroleum oil to which has been added other chemical substances.

Consistency A term used synonymously with the term Penetration Number of a grease.

Corrosion The attrition or wearing away of a substance by acid or electrochemical action.

Cup Grease An early term for a calcium or lime base grease, practically obsolete now but meant originally to designate a degree of quality suitable for grease cup application.

Cutting Fluid or Oil Any fluid applied to a cutting tool to assist in the cutting operation by cooling, lubricating or other means.

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